SEPTEMBER 19 - 22, 2024

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Andrew Caskey

Pitmaster / Owner,

Bad Wolf BBQ

While working at a petroleum storage facility, Andrew Caskey lived for the weekends to get a chance to cook a brisket all day long. Seeking a way to become self-employed and allow more time to do what he enjoyed, he bought his food trailer in 2017 with no culinary training or experience. After taking a tour through Texas to experience its high level of modern-style BBQ, he knew he had to bring this style of cooking back home. His hobby turned into a passion, and he eventually started running Bad Wolf BBQ full time in 2018. His craft barbecue food truck now sits permanently at Heard Freighthouse Food Park in downtown Ruston, Louisiana, where he gets to share his culinary creations with his community and visitors from all over the region.