SEPTEMBER 19 - 22, 2024

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David Phillips

Executive Chef,

Restaurant Calla

David Phillips is a culinary chef known for his infinite passion and precise palate. With a background rooted in a traditional southern family, he developed a deep appreciation for the warmth and love found in a busy kitchen. David’s journey in the culinary world began when he made a career change from computer networking to follow his passion for creating memorable dining experiences. After completing his degree at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, he honed his skills and crafted his own style, conquering various culinary territories from yacht clubs to fine dining establishments. David’s menu selections, such as his medium rare smoked duck and savory sweet caramelized coatings, leave a lasting impression on patrons. He not only strives to be a remarkable chef but also a teacher, believing in the importance of taking time to develop one’s technique and culinary success. With his arsenal of recipes and kitchen ethics, he continuously explores diverse cultural spectrums, aiming to create innovative and nostalgic dishes that transport his customers to cherished memories.