SEPTEMBER 19 - 22, 2024

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Rebekah Hoffpauir

Pastry Chef / Owner,

The Bekery

Rebekah Hoffpauir is a passionate and driven pastry chef and bakery owner. From her childhood, baking was her calling, starting with an Easy-Bake Oven and growing into a love for coffee shops and bakeries during family trips to Europe. After graduating with a degree in Business Management, Rebekah realized that she could turn her passion into a career.

In 2016, she brought her dream to life by opening The Bekery, a Parisian-inspired pastry shop in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The name cleverly combines “Bekah” with “bakery,” a playful mashup she thought of during her high school days. Since then, her bakery has become a beloved spot, cherished by the local community.

Rebekah takes immense pride in baking delectable treats, including blueberry biscuits, classic quiche, community-renowned cinnamon rolls, and her personal favorite, lemon-curd cruffins—muffin-shaped croissants. She finds joy in witnessing the happiness her creations bring to her customers, making her a true artist who delights in her customers enjoying not just one, but two treats.

Her dedication to perfection and continuous improvement is evident in her evolving pastry selection. Starting with simple muffins, cookies, and coffee cakes, Rebekah’s skills expanded through trial and error and learning from French chefs. Her team, who she considers like family, contributes valuable input, helping The Bekery keep up with the growing demand.

Rebekah is known for using only the highest quality ingredients and baking everything from scratch, without any preservatives. Her bakery offers more than just indulgent treats; for health-conscious customers, she provides healthier options like salads, parfaits, toasts, and omelets.

Outside the bakery, Rebekah’s passion for cooking continues, enjoying her favorite hobby of reading cookbooks and experimenting in the kitchen for friends and family. Despite the success of The Bekery, she remains hands-on, overseeing the daily operations and cherishing the joy of baking.

As The Bekery outgrew its original location, Rebekah and her team opened a new and bigger spot at Walnut Grove. The new  location offers a romantic European ambiance, complete with espresso, drinks, wine, and mimosas.

In her spare time, Rebekah is a self-proclaimed introvert, finding solace in her cool and crazy Bengal cat named Roman. While she dreams of traveling, her unwavering commitment to her bakery keeps her occupied. Nevertheless, she hopes to explore the delights of Paris someday, inspired by her love for European coffee shops and bakeries.

Rebekah Hoffpauir’s journey from a young girl baking cookies to a successful bakery owner reflects her determination and passion for creating exquisite pastries. Her dedication to her craft and the joy she brings to her community make her a cherished part of the Lake Charles culinary scene.